A Quick Note on Content (DISCLAIMER)

Posted: June 27, 2012 in Updates

For anyone unfamiliar with the type of plays I write, you’ll find that I tend toward stuff that press kits would call “edgy.” There will be swearing, sexual imagery, and just general bizarrities. It’s not that I’m incapable of writing a standard play with appropriate content, and I don’t write it to be gratuitous, but an edgier foundation lifts up my plays and keeps them interesting. Someone against such content might call it a crutch, but even if it is, I’m busting out a lot of plays in rapid succession, so if I want to use a crutch to make it easier, I’m going to.

So here’s the DISCLAIMER: These videos are intended for mature audiences only. There will be swearing, sexual imagery, and general bizarrities.

So don’t say you weren’t warned when, for instance, the naked lady wears the horse carcass as a coat (which is an idea I’ll never use here, because it’s from a play I already wrote).


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