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Normally when I’m writing, I’ve got several voices going on in my head and I parse them in dialogue. Normally.

Day Thirty-Two: “Typical Cows”

Posted: July 30, 2012 in Videos

Never trust someone who shows up really early for work.

Today, I felt like putting the camera under the couch. FILM INDEPENDENT WHERE’S MY SPIRIT AWARD??

Li’l Bit of Self-Promotion

Posted: July 26, 2012 in Updates

Just a reminder to all you awesome people checking out 64P64D:

I am an actual playwright who writes full-length plays for actual nights of actual theatre. If you dig the type of stuff you see here and might be interested in reading something longer (or know someone or some theatre company who would), definitely let me know, I’ll send something your way.

Now onward to Day 30!


Sorry if this one seems a little hurried. I had to finish shooting it before I got greedy and ate my central prop.

There I go, enjoying this project again.

And so the apathy begins. Sorry about this, folks. Here’s hoping the creativity can strike tomorrow.

It appears the way I indicate that I’m playing a woman is by wearing a sweater.