Goin’ on vacation, updating accordingly

Posted: July 6, 2012 in Updates

As part of a long-booked trip, I will be in Oregon until Tuesday. I knew of this going into this project, though really didn’t take it into consideration (which is pretty much true of this entire damn thing).

This is not to say I’m giving up or taking a week-long hiatus. There will still be writing and video updates, but probably without any serious production involved. I’m talking single-take readings in airports, on the side of the road, in my rental car, etc. I’ve been trying to make the videos as interesting as I could while making them on the fly with limited resources. For the next five days, you really can’t expect that kind of effort, but you can expect something.

I’m also announcing this as a reminder of the exact terms of what I can be held to. The goal is one video per day, but the promise is an AVERAGE of one video per day. By Day 64, there will be 64 plays online, and if I do not accomplish that, then I have failed. But if along the way I miss a day for any reason, I’m held accountable for that day and must make it up by the end. Ten days into this, I remain committed to the project and am determined to see it through.


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