What is 64 Plays in 64 Days?

“What do you mean by ’64 plays in 64 days’?”

Seems obvious, but no matter, I’ll indulge: I’m writing 64 plays in 64 days, filming myself reading them, and posting those videos online. They will come an average of once-a-day (which means that one day there might be two videos and another might have none, for example).

“Why 64?”

I do not know what the hell inspired me to do this, but I asked people on Facebook and Twitter to give me title suggestions. I got 64.

“Who are you?”

My name is John Hendel. I’m a playwright based in Los Angeles. After graduating from Ohio University with degrees in playwriting and performance, I moved back to my parents’ house outside of Washington, DC, during which I had a couple short plays put up in New York. You can follow me on twitter @hendyhendel.

“Do you have any plans to put these plays onstage in Los Angeles?”

I’ll wait and see what the project forms into, but I haven’t thought that far ahead, honestly.

“What plays have you done in Los Angeles?”

None, yet.

“Did you just arrive, then?”

No, I’ve been living in Los Angeles for more than a year now.

“I’m confused. Are you in any way important?”


“Ah. Then this is not where I wanted to be. My mistake.”

Quite alright.

  1. […] [John Hendel is a playwright living in Los Angeles. He graduated from Ohio University with degrees in playwriting and performance. Follow him on Twitter @henyhendel. And follow his "64 Plays in 64 Days" at https://64plays.wordpress.com/about/] […]

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