Silly camera angles! Filmmaking! Internet!

So I was putting this together and something… happened…

Hmm, this looks familiar

Hey, I think I’ve got something here. It’s called Jekyll & Hyde and it premiered on Broadway fifteen years ago.

This one’s sexy, but, like, Walter White sexy. So not sexy, basically.

Different filter than the last one. Same t-shirts.

I point at myself a lot, is what the visual plot seems to suggest in this play.

Doctor McDaniels returns, being a little butthole all the live-long day.

I don’t have the list in front of me, but if memory serves this is the longest title I was given. There’s a lot going on with this title, which of course means there’s very little going on in the video Kitestab.


Making his 64P64D debut: the mad Doctor McDaniels, in a play about performing outrageous surgery on a child.